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During the last three years, documentarist Kyrre Lien, have traveled across the globe to meet The Internet Warriors. Tens of thousands of comments have been read to narrow it down to the group now presented. Some of the ones portrayed are some of the most active debaters the Internet has to offer. The selection of people tries to be representative of the people who debate and is based on demographic statistics from the book "Likes - dislikes”, as well as research done by Pew Research Centre.

Kyrre Lien

Kyrre Lien

Lien is a 26 year old documentarist living in Oslo, Norway. Named by Forbes to be one of 30 young media entrepreneurs “defining the ever-shifting world of news and content” in 2017. Lien has received numerous of national and international awards, including Picture of the Year in Norway in 2014. He works with his own independent projects, as well as on assignment for clients such as VG and The New York Times.

The book

A limited edition book produced by designer Jørn Aagaard, signed by Kyrre Lien.

The book consists of all of the pictures and interviews with The Internet Warriors, and an essay by The New York Times columnist Stephen Marche. The book is printed on 150g Munken Lynx Rough. This is a good way of supporting this expensive project.

See more and buy the book here: www.kyrrelien.com/the-book.

The book cover


A documentary by
Kyrre lien
Kyrre Hellevang Tveiten
Ellen Emmerentze
Thommessen Jervell
Financial support from
Fritt Ord Foundation, The Guardian, Bertha Foundation and Verdens Gang.
Special thanks
Per Christian Selmer-Anderssen, Brian Cliff Olguin, Julie Lunde Lillesæter and all of those who opened their homes.